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Mark | 29/05/2020

Lyn has been assisting my mother for the past few months with her needs relating to Alzheimer’s / Early Onset Dementia. She has been doing a really excellent and beautiful job with assisting my mother and I would highly recommend her to anyone else considering her for a role, most particularly within her field of focus with Dementia.

Lyn is very caring, compassionate and hard working, and also brings a wealth of experience and attentiveness due to her passion to help in the field of Dementia.

Lyn’s roles have included therapy assistance and training, social companionship, daily outings, and domestic and cleaning tasks. She offers great ideas, feedback and notes to further assist with the care and wellbeing of my mother.

Lyn is also very friendly and relaxed which makes it lovely to have her in the house and to interact with.

Once again, I would happily recommend her to anyone who may be in need of assistance, for yourself or a loved one.