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Tranquil Options


I offer non-discriminatory, professional, in home support services; to individuals living with a disability and the elderly, inclusive of those living with dementia and those at end of life.

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Free one hour meet & greet

One hour face to face, phone or Zoom chat to determine if the services offered are what you are looking for and if I am the right person for you and your loved ones.

tranquil options

support to the elderly

In home and community support for the elderly to support them to continue to live at home independently. For example: practical support to maintain their independence; community access – continue or introduce participation in activities, transport/support to appointments, recreational, physical or social activities; education, advice and support re options and choices; personal care; and end of life planning and support.


in home respite services

Do you provide a caring role to a loved one? Need a break? I have extensive nursing, disability and aged care experience and am confident in all areas including managing complex situations and behaviours. Available to do day and/or night respite.

Police check  |  First Aid and CPR |  NDIS screening check

Dementia Support

Services for the individual experiencing dementia and family/significant others. This includes younger onset dementia. In home support, for example: encourage maintenance of independence; continue/introduce participation in activities; transport/support to appointments, and recreational, physical or social activities; education, advice and support re options and choices; and end of life planning and support. Includes support in relation to behavioural changes and progression of dementia.

End of life planning

Often this first step is the hardest. I can support you to begin the process, including exploring options and completing documentation; to ensure your end-of-life wishes, preferences and options, before and after your death, are clearly articulated for your decision makers.

End of life care

These services are offered in your own home. I offer choices and options to ensure, where possible: a good death, according to the persons wishes: and that no-one dies alone, if that is their wish. This includes: end of life information, education and support; to people with a life limiting condition and their family/significant others. Encompasses: immediate response, end of life transition, vigiling, and after death support.


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“When my elderly mother came out of hospital she was confused and frail.

Lyn worked with the family to keep mum safe until her function improved.

We found Lyn to be very reliable. She was very kind and caring.

My mum enjoyed having Lyn around as they were able to chat.

I would definitely re-employ her!

Kathy and family

tranquil options

Lyn has been assisting my mother for the past few months with her needs relating to Alzheimer’s / Early Onset Dementia. She has been doing a really excellent and beautiful job with assisting my mother and I would highly recommend her to anyone else considering her for a role, most particularly within her field of focus with Dementia. Lyn is very caring, compassionate and hard working, and also brings a wealth of experience and attentiveness due to her passion to help in the field of Dementia. Lyn is also very friendly and relaxed which makes it lovely to have her in the house and to interact with. Once again, I would happily recommend her to anyone who may be in need of assistance, for yourself or a loved one.



Here is the tweaked review. “I have supervised and worked alongside Lyn for the past six months, through an NDIS Service Provider. Our client lived with a disability and Younger Onset Dementia. Lyn is a highly valued and experienced Support Worker, with great interpersonal and excellent communication skills. Lyn enjoyed working closely with our client, getting to know her, assisting with her daily Community Participation and providing the opportunity to discover new and interesting activities. Lyn managed very well when our client experienced challenging behaviours and meltdowns, which required reassurance, distractions, and persuasive skills. Lyn will be dearly and personally missed by our small team, and I wish her well”


* Member of the Doula Connections team

* Member of the Australian Doula College* Member of the End-of-Life Doulas and Allies